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Information about traditional and contemporary Native American Indian sculpture with links to native artists from several tribes. Covers Zuni fetishes, Southwestern

Collecting American Indian Art, Zuni fetish background information, Zuni fetish meanings, Zuni fetish FAQ’s

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The Zuni or Ashiwi are a Native American tribe, one of the Pueblo peoples, who live in the Pueblo of Zuni on the Zuni River, a tributary of the Little Colorado River

Welcome to the Southwest Silver Gallery! Our goal is to bring to you finer Native American jewelry from the Zuni, Navajo, Hopi and Santo Domingo Indian tribes.

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Derived from a wide variety of natural resources such as plants, minerals, and s, the Native American necklace is revered and adulated throughout the world for

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Best quality, authentic, collectible, Zuni Fetish Necklaces from award winning Zuni fetish carvers who are living and Zuni legends who have passed on.

Zuni Indian Fact Sheet. Native American Facts For s was written for people learning about the Zuni Indian tribe for college or home-collegeing reports.