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To the people that want to find fault with Vin’s desire to just be himself instead of accepting or donning a racial label, do you know nothing about the history of

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I just saw Vin Diesel in a public washroom here in CITYOMITTED, I know I’m gay and I know why I was in this cruisy washroom, now I know why he was, he went into a

Vin Diesel left a Brazilian reporter squirming in her seat as he declared his love for her during an incredibly uncomfortable interview. The “Fast and Furious

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Vin Diesel, pe numele său adevărat Mark Sinclair (n. 18 iulie 1967, New York) este un actor, regizor și producător american. Este cunoscut mai ales pentru

Some people dream of being the object of a movie star’s desires. But a Brazilian reporter was left mortified after Vin Diesel got on his knees to creep towards her

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Bald bruiser movie stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Vin Diesel have been butting domes on the set of “Fast and Furious 8” and the two met Tuesday to clear

Vin Diesel uses police car’s loudspeaker to pay his respects to Fast & Furious co-star at Paul Walker crash site. Hundreds of fans gathered at the crash site to pay

Sure, The Rock would totally kick Vin Diesel’s ass in a fight, but in a “Who’s a Bigger Asshole” contest, Diesel would definitely win. For evidence, I present the

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Really Breezy? YOU talkin’ bout how other men dress!? Chris Brown Disses Diddy, Kanye, And Vin Diesel For Wearing “Skirts” “Men’s” fashion is under heavy

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