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How to Make Your Own Apple Cider Vinegar Facial Toner: I am sure many of you keep apple cider vinegar in your kitchen pantry for a variety of different dishes

What it is:A toner that firms the skin while restoring its natural pH balance.What it is formulated to do:Perricone MD Firming Facial Toner is a non-drying toner that

May 10, 2012 Apple Cider Vinegar Facial Toner. What isn’t apple cider vinegar good for? For real, this stuff is probably the answer to world hunger (or maybe this

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How to use toner: Clean skin with cleanser, wash off with warm water. Pat excess water off with a dry towel. Pour a small amount of toner onto a cotton ball and apply

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She says not to pile on extra makeup to mask acne and oil problems. Instead, use a gentle, soothing toner to remove oil and traces of dirt and grime.

Step #2 Apply the toner. A toner should always be applied to a cleansed face. It should be applied with a cotton pad. Saturate the cotton pad and pat the toner gently

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Do you follow a daily skin care regimen? If so, learn why this calendula infused herbal facial toner is great for your skin and get the recipe to make your own!

Looking for a natural toner recipe? Try this DIY Facial Toner made with apple cider vinegar. It restores your skin’s pH levels and great for all skin types.

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