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Inpro fabricates and installs custom metal and canvas awnings, canopies, covered walkways and covered parking structures including the exclusive Sentenal canopy

Manufacture cooling towers, heat exchangers, oil coolers, fiberclass tanks, and doors.

Current BTU’s Presently, we estimate that The G. C. Broach Company equipment is producing over 868.7 Billion BTU’s of heat each day.

Features low noise & easy maintenance, lightweight & less space & multi-cell installation, unique distribution heat exchanger, low power consumption, and low

ABOUT US. SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of cooling towers, evaporative fluid coolers, evaporative condensers and air cooled heat

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Distortion is a general term used in steelwork to describe the various movements and shrinkages that take place when heat is applied in cutting or welding processes.

Mold & Heat Treatments Understanding the Problem The ThermaPureHeat® Process It’s not just the Mold Stop Mold with Heat® What To Do First Attention Restoration

OVERVIEW . Marley Air Cooled Heat Exchangers stand up to the demanding requirements for heat transfer processes in chemical, oil and gas, process and power generation

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Kennedy Tank manufactures custom ASME code pressure vessels, storage tanks, columns, and heat exchangers in a variety of steel and alloy materials.

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What are the environmental risk factors for heat illness? 8 CCR §3395 defines environmental risk factors as including “air temperature, relative humidity, radiant

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